Downriver Traveller

Traveller (Trav) is now working full time at Vancouver International Airport, keeping the grounds clear of all birds. 

He loves his job, and he loves his handlers! He is very lucky to be working with some great people.  


Dog and Plane

During the winter months, Trav lives on site at YVR. He comes to Downriver often, to have some holiday time, and play with the other dogs. During the summer months, the migrating birds are no longer in the area, so his work dies down. This is a perfect time for him to come back out to Downriver Farm, where he receives some refresher training, works with livestock, and just enjoys playing. 

Trav working in water

With limited stock experience, Trav has easily completed his ASCA Started title, and one leg of his open title on sheep.  

Trav working in water

Traveller has been a pleasure to work with and train. He lives to please his handler, and loves to make me happy. He is a wonderful representative of the breed!! 

Trav working Snow Geese

Saturday the 23rd.
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