Ch Wooleston Eliza Fraser CKC HI, HIAs, HSAc, SDI, STDsc, HRD II

Lizzie, Australian Cattle Dog, is owned and bred by David Steward and Monica Shifflet. I am thrilled that they have trusted me with their wonderful blue heeler to work with in many of the different herding programs.


Lizzie: blue heeler, beautiful picture 
Above: A Beautiful Picture of Lizzie


Lizzie has a brilliant personality! She is a smiling, happy Blue Heeler that is always wanting to please her human.   

Lizzie, Blue Heeler wins High in Trial at Herding Trial
Above: Lizzie, Australian Cattle Dog, Wins High in Trial at the All-Breed Herding Trials at the ACDCC National Specialty (1995) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Judge: Steve Waltenburg.

She is a biddable little cattle dog, and gave me some great training experiences. We came together as a team, and continue to work hard on her advanced training. I love working with Lizzie, and miss her dearly when ever she goes home.



blue heeler herding, nipping at a cow 
Above: Lizzie, Blue Heeler, Herding Cattle


Lizzie has gone on to be the 2nd dog ever (behind my BJ) to earn the ACDCC National Award of 'Working Dog Intermediate', #1 Herding ACD 2005—ACDCC National Award, and #1 Herding ACD (all stock) in the USA—ACDCA 2006 award. I am very proud of what Lizzie and I have accomplished together!

Lizzie, Cattle Dog, wins High in Trial in 2006 ASCA Herding Trials
Above: Lizzie, Cattle Dog, Wins High in Trial at the July 2006 ASCA Trials.

Cattle Dog Hugs Her Herding Trainer
Above: Good 'Ol Lizzie Huggin'!

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