The Pepsi Trophy for Stockmanship

Pepsi - a very special stockdogTo recognize and encourage stockmanship, Downriver Farms presents an annual award during the May CKC trials. The award is named after a very special dog – Pepsi. The stock at Downriver Farm has always been Pepsi's responsibility, and she took that job very seriously.

The trophy goes to the handler dog team that demonstrates respect to the stock. To earn this prize, this team has to use stock sense, and do the best they can to get the job at hand done, with the least amount of stress on the stock. The word *job* used here, is not to the trial course, but to the job that the team has decided to take on. (i.e.: putting stock away).


Pepsi starting to teach lambs about stock dogs

Judges will be looking for a dog’s stock control (respect for flight zone, quiet and calm manner, whether the dog can rate the stock meaning keeping stock moving in a smooth controlled manner; how the dog balances to stock and handler); the judges will also look at the handler and dog’s relationship (mutual respect; quiet and supportive; ability to let the dog work; quiet and only essential commands).

Pepsi and Beka posing with the trophy

The award was started in 2009 and the results for May 2009-2011 are listed below. There is a permanent trophy kept at Downriver Farm and engraved with the names of the winners.

In 2011, there was an additional Pepsi award during the 2011 All-breed Herding Showcase. The Pepsi trophy for stockmanship was a framed Robert Bateman print ‘Salt Spring ewe’ which was awarded during the final run of the top 20 dogs. During each of the first two showcase runs, the

May 2009 Pepsi trophy winners

Pepsi trophy was awarded to a dog –handler team recognized for stockmanship. Those awards were a Randy Kelley photo print of the handler and dog.

May 2009 Billie & Nancy Rush & Kristen Beka & Anne Leroy & Lynn
May 2010 Fetch  & Kristen Breeze & Tim Beka & Anne Breeze & Tim
May 2011 Arko & Lynn Zephyr & Marilyn Paris & Lindsay  
Showcase 2011 Fido & Gloria Boss & Sara-Jo Kew & Suzanne  


Suzanne and Kew win the Rabert Batemen print for the Pepsi trophy


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