Marilyn Clayton

(ATChC, V.Ch & BISS Can./Am. Ch. Signet’s “Way To Go!” Woodruff, Can. (CDX, DD, HI, SDI, AgX, AgXJ, RE), Am.(CDX, HSAs, RE, NA, NAJ), RX-MCL, STDs, HRDI, RLFI, HTADI, BronzeAOM, ExStBronze, ExGBronze, ExJBronze, VBA, EAC, TN-E, TG-O, OCC, OJC, HP-N, WV-N, NVA, CGC, CRTX, VX, AOM II, 2010 CCA-MVC)

Zephyr - 2010
Although 2010 was largely a training year in herding, Zephyr completed his Am.HSAs at the Collie Club of America National in Pomona, CA.  This, along with agility, rally and conformation, earned Zephyr the prestigious “Most Versatile Collie" award.

Herding Dog Wins Most Versatile Collie Award
Zephyr, herding dog, wins Most Versatile Collie Award

Collie Herding Sheep
Zephyr, Collie, Herding Sheep at US National in Pomona, CA where he finished his Am.HSAs, Am.RE, CCA-VX and was the MVC

Zephyr, a Collie Herding Sheep
Zephyr, Collie, Herding Sheep at US National in Pomona, CA where he finished his Am.HSAs, Am.RE, CCA-VX and was the MVC

In 2010 we were informed Zephyr ranked #2 All-Breed Intermediate Stock Dog and #3 All-Breed Intermediate Arena for 2009 in Canada. His son, Connor (Ch. Alciara's Can You Imagine, HS, AADC, AGDC) was #1 Rough Collie in Canada for 2009 (also Herding Canada).

In AAC Agility for 2010, Zephyr made the Podium - #3 at the BC/Yukon Regional and #9 at the Canadian National Agility Championships in the 22” Veteran class.  He also earned his Bronze Award of Merit and his Expert Bronze awards in Standard, Gamblers, and Jumpers.  Zephyr was#1 Regular Rough/Smooth Collie for 2009 and is presently sitting in the Top 5 Collies in Canada for 2010.

In 2010 we were also informed Zephyr ranked: #2 Agility Smooth Collie in Canada (Dogs In Canada system) for 2009 and #3 Collie (Rough/Smooth) Novice A Agility Collie in the US (Delaney system).

Zephyr also earned his Collie Club of America VX (Versatility Excellent) award – based on AKC herding, agility, obedience and conformation titles and his Am/Can. RE (Rally Excellent) titles.

Collie Herding Dog Wins!

We’re looking forward to competing in Advanced Herding in 2011.

Zephyr - 2009 
2009 has been another amazing year for Zephyr.  We started our herding trial season at Downriver Farm in May running 3 days of CKC Intermediate Arena Sheep coming home with a High In Class, a 2nd in class, a High Combine Sheep and a HIGH IN TRIAL for our HI title.  We also ran 2 days of Stockdog trials coming home with a High in Class from Started to complete his SDS title and a High In Class from Intermediate.

Collie herding sheep at a herding clinic
Zephyr Herding Sheep at Clinic!

In July we competed in 4 CKC Intermediate Stockdog trials at Phantom Ridge Farm (High River, Alberta) coming home with a High In Class, a 2nd In Class and a COMBINED HIGH IN TRIAL to complete Zephyr’s SDI title.  We also ran 2 AHBA Arena trials for a COMBINED RESERVE HIGH IN TRIAL and his HTADI title.

The end of August, we competed in 2 days of AKC A-Course sheep at the Collie Club of America Western Regional Herding Trials at Brigand’s Hide Out (Battle Ground, WA) coming home with a HIGH IN TRIAL and a RESERVE HIGH IN TRIAL.

Collie wins at herding competition
Stock Dog Intermediate in High River, AB  July 2009

My understanding is that Zephyr was the #3 Started Arena dog (All-Breed) and #4 Started Stockdog (All-Breed) in Canada for 2008 as well as the #1 Smooth Collie in Canada (all levels) for 2008 in both Arena & Stockdog.  Zephyr is also the first Smooth Collie to earn CKC HS, HI, SDS, and SDI titles and we’ve also learned he is the #1 Smooth Collie in Canada for Obedience (CKC) and Agility (AAC) for 2008.

Because Zephyr and I compete in so many different sports/activities, I think of ourselves as a “jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none” team, so to take High In Trial awards from the Intermediate class in both Arena and Stockdog, on different types of stock and against such awesome competition, is a true reflection of Zephyr’s natural abilities and Lynn’s dedication to her students; her teaching skills and techniques; her encouragement to “go for it”; as well as her belief in her students (even when we don’t have faith in ourselves).  Thank you, Lynn, for introducing us to the sport of herding; for being such an amazing instructor and mentor; for being such a good friend.  Now, if you can get us through Advanced, you’ll really be doing something!

Collie working and herding competition

Marilyn Clayton (2008)

In 2008 in herding Zephyr accomplished the following: 
• AHBA HRDI title March 15-16 with 2 HIGH IN CLASS placements (both large classes) at PackLeader and Fido’s Farms under Dave Vicklund (79.5/90) and Annette Hoffmann (86/90) respectively. 
• CKC HS title May 17-18-19 at DownRiver Farm with 2 HIGH IN TRIAL placements under Linda Bell (96/100) and Ron Fischer (93.5/100) and a additional HIGH IN CLASS placement under Ron Fischer (88/100). 
• AHBA RLFI title June 7-8 at Fido’s Farm with 1 HIGH IN CLASS placement (13 entries) under Chris Soderstrom (85/90). 
• 2 legs toward his CKC Started Stock dog title May 17 & 19 (both 2nd in class placements) with 1 RESERVE HIGH IN TRIAL under Ron Fischer (90/100) 
• Finished off the year with a RESERVE HIGH IN MATCH from Intermediate Arena Sept. 4th on Vancouver Island (HAWG) under Lynn Leach (89.5/100)

BISS Am./Can.Ch. Signet's "Way To Go!" Woodruff, Can.(DD, HS,CDX, AgX, AgXJ, RA), Am.(CD, PT, RN), RA-MCL, STDs, HRDI, RLFI, AADC, AGDC, MGDC, MJDC, EAC, TN-E, TG-O, OCC, NJC, HP-N, CGC, AWCA-VCX, CCA-VA, AOM

Zephyr High in Trial


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