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George - 2010

2010 was a year beyond my wildest expectations for my Boy George (Boxer Herding Dog) culminating in 8 Highs in Trial, 2 Reserve Highs in Trial and a High Combined Stock Dog award. 

boxer wins stock dog competition
Lynn Leach Handled George in Stock Dog Trial

However, what stood out the most for me was the great support shown for George.  Herding people are the best!

Boxer herding showing eye
George, Boxer, Showing Eye!

Lynn Leach and George started the 2010 herding season by venturing down to Washington State in March for a 3 day weekend of AHBA HRD trials. Billed as the St. Paddy’s Day Rally trials, these trials are fun, fun, fun! Decked out in her garish green St. Patrick’s Day costume, Lynn handled George to his HRD I‑s title (with a 2nd in class placement) and also to the first leg of his HRD II‑s with a 4th in class placement.

Boxer herding cows, working rear of cow
George, Boxer, Working Rear of Cow!

At the May CKC trials at Downriver Farm, handled by Lynn, George finished his Stockdog Started title with a Reserve High in Trial and the High Combined Stockdog award. George also completed his Herding Intermediate title with 3 Highs in Trial (2 on sheep, 1 on cattle). One of these High in Trial awards was with a score of 98 under Judge Steve Waltenburg. Lynn had never received such a high score before, so she was pretty darn pleased!

Boxer Gives Sheep Eye While Herding Sheep 
George and Sheep Face Off

In June, a trip to CKC herding trials in High River, Alberta brought more success for Lynn and George. In the weekend’s 4 trials, George won 3 Highs in Trial and 1 Reserve High in Trial. I was thrilled to say the least!

Boxer herding sheep
George, Boxer, Herding Sheep!

At the end of June, Lynn handled George in AHBA trials to finish his HRD II‑s and RLF I‑s titles.

Nancy Barker kindly agreed to handle George at the September AHBA trials at Downriver. Although George and Nancy had minimal time to practise together before the trials, they worked beautifully as a team and George finished his HTD I‑s title with a High in Class and a 3rd in class placement. Nancy has been incredibly generous with her time and expertise and I appreciate it immensely.

Boxer Wins Herding Trial With Nancy Barker
George Wins HTDI's with Nancy Barker

Lynn had to work hard to convince me to move George up to Advanced for the September CKC trials at Downriver. I’m glad I did (smile). Lynn handled George to lovely scores to finish his HA – including a score of 98 and a High in Trial. In the fourth trial, he again did well (95.5/100) for another High in Trial. This also earned George his first 3 points towards his Herding Championship and the 1st point towards his Herding Excellent title.

2010 was a memorable year. In light of the American Boxer Club’s recent decision to petition the AKC to add boxers to the list of breeds eligible to compete in AKC herding events, I particularly wanted George to put on a good showing in 2010. He didn’t disappoint.

Boxer Wins with Lynn Leach, Herding Trainer
George and Lynn Leach

George LOVES Lynn and I think that Lynn has come to appreciate the “joie de vivre” for which the boxer breed is renowned. A huge thank you to Lynn for training, trialing and believing in my Boy George and for making him shine!

Jet - 2010
Woodbine Jet

Introducing George’s little brother, Jet!

Jet - Border Collie Puppy Learns to Herd

Jet has seen sheep a few times and has been very keen to get started in his training.  Patience, little guy, patience!

Jet Border Collie Puupy Learns to Work Live Stock


George - 2009
JEMS Culture Club (CKC) HS CGN RN CD (AKC) RA (AHBA) JHD “George”
Owned by Louise Watson

George started training with Lynn Leach in March 2009.  In June I was thrilled when George finished his CKC HS title with a Reserve High in Trial (92/100).  He earned his AHBA JHD title in July and the first leg of his AHBA RLF-I title in September.  And George was also introduced to working cows.  It’s been a busy and successful year for my Boy George!  A HUGE thank you to Lynn who trained and handled him to all of these achievements.  They make a great team and I think Lynn is enjoying experiencing the joie de vivre of the Boxer breed.  Looking forward to more herding adventures in 2010 - and beyond!


Boxer herding sheep at a herding clinic
George Herding Sheep at Clinic!

Saturday the 23rd.
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