New! All Breed Herding Getting Your Driver's Licence

Thinking about teaching your dog to 'Drive' livestock? All Breed Herding: Getting Your Driver's Licence is a must see! Featuring 16 breeds and over 50 different dogs demonstrating the steps to teach your dog to Drive and Pass the Driver's Test!

You'll learn

  • how to turn your dog in on the stock,
  • about the "Push" and building confidence,
  • about steering and directions,
  • controlling speed and covering stock,
  • and how to pull it all together.

This training DVD is 60 minutes long.



Finally! A herding dog training video that is not breed or style specific!! And...designed to help people get started in this exciting sport! These dog training DVDs were developed to help people with upright, loose-eyed dogs. They showcase many different breeds working, reveal several problems that often come up during training, and provide a variety of solutions along with a step-by-step training plan.

Learn to herd with an Introduction to All Breed Herding
Polish your techniques with All Breed Herding - The Next Steps! 
Learn to drive with All Breed Herding Getting Your Driver's Licence

See below for a brief description of each DVD.

$55 CAD plus shipping for one DVD
$100 CAD plus shipping for two DVDs
$140 CAD plus shipping for three DVDs

You can pay by Paypal or cheques are accepted, payable to Downriver Farm. Contact us to place your order.


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