am actively competing and undergo every effort to update my knowledge, skills and training “tool kit.” When it comes to herding, I thrive on continuous learning. It is this learning that helps me build my ‘tool kit’ of training ideas and resources. As a student, you learn what I learn; I am committed to imparting my knowledge during lessons, clinics, seminars and almost every chance I get! Below I have listed some of my noteworthy training, handling and titling accomplishments. If I have trained, handled and/or titled your dog, and you would like me to showcase it online, please email me directly.

Lizzie wins High in Trial ASCA 2006


Lizzie wins High in Trial at the ASCA Trials in July 2006.

Dogs Trained & Handled

Can/Am Ch Downriver Blue Jim HA, HTD II, HRD II, ASCA OSDs (1992–2005) 
Australian Cattle Dog

Lynn, Leroy and Sprite

This was my first ‘trial dog’, and when he achieved his CKC “Open Stock Dog”, it was the highest achievable title in Canada. He finished his OSC on cattle in 1994. We went on to trial him in the AKC program where he received his HS on sheep, with HIT, RHIT and 1st in class in every run that weekend (4 judges). BJ was also the first ACD in Canada to compete successfully in the BCSDA program (ISDS style). BJ has received many HIT, RHIT and High Scoring ACD scores in the CKC herding program. BJ was the only Australian Cattle Dog in Canada to hold an Advanced Herding Title in any program for several years!

Ch Wooleston Eliza Fraser CKC HI, HIAs, HSAc, SDI, STDsc, HRD II
Australian Cattle Dog

Lizzie has gone on to be the 2nd ACD ever (behind my BJ) to earn the ACDCC National Award of 'Working Dog Intermediate' title. She also went on to win the #1 Herding ACD 2005 and 2006 – ACDCC National Award. Lizze was also posted as the #1 Herding ACD (all stock) in the USA – ACDCA 2006. That means, that in 2006, Lizzie was the #1 Herding Australian Cattle Dog in North America!! I am very proud of what Lizzie and I have accomplished together!

Austlyn’s Country Star HI, HRD II, HTD 2
Australian Cattle Dog

Buck loved to compete and work stock. He easily completed his AKC and CKC Herding Intermediate titles, and was working towards his advanced titles when a horrible accident took him away from me. He also completed several ASCA and AHBA titles.

CH Duwest Ride a Cowboy HS CGN 
Australian Cattle Dog

Leroy is keen when working stock, and I'm looking forward to having another up and coming ACD. At one year of age, he completed his CKC Herding Started title in style – he earned his first leg with a High in Trial in May 2006 and completed his last two legs at the 2006 Canadian National Specialty in Ontario (winning the High Scoring Australian Cattle Dog and Reserve High in Trial).

HTCH Downriver Night’n’Day
Border Collie

At 3 years of age, I had trained this Border Collie to receive her Herding Ranch Dog III, Herding Trial Dog III and her Herding Trial Championship. She works cattle, sheep and ducks. Pepsi also competed in BCSDA (ISDS field trials).

HTCH Del’mar Downriver Sprite HXAsd, HTCH, HRD III, HTD III, ASDsd
Border Collie

When Sprite was one year old, she had finished her Herding Trial Dog 2 title with High in Trial at 17 months of age. Her very first BCSDA trial, she took third place out of 17 competitors in her class. She now has titles in ASCA Sheep, Cattle and Ducks (1 leg away from her ASCA Working Trial Champion), AKC HX and is an AHBA Herding Champion.

Australian Cattle Dog

This was a client’s dog that was sent to me from Texas. I had him for only 10 days, when he earned his CKC Herding Started title with a RHIT and High Scoring ACD. He had only seen sheep once prior to this. I was able to take him to an AKC trial where he also took RHIT, and completed 3 legs of his AKC Started title. Unfortunately, 2 legs were under the same judge.

Ch Downriver Diesel
Australian Cattle Dog

This was a client’s dog that came to me three days prior to the CKC and AHBA trials. He had been out to see sheep a couple of times before he arrived at Downriver Farms. He earned his HT and JHD that weekend!

All Breed Herding

There are several other dogs that I have handled for clients, predominantly at the started level. These breeds include:

  • Australian Cattle Dogs,
  • German Shepherd Dogs,
  • Rottweilers,
  • Corgis,
  • Belgian Terverns,
  • Belgian Groenendaels,
  • Belgian Malanois,
  • Norwegian Buhunds,
  • Shetland Sheepdogs,
  • Bernais Mountain Dogs,
  • Australian Shepherds,
  • Rough Collies,
  • Bouvier des Flandres,
  • Border Collies,
  • Doberman Pinchers,
  • Standard Poodles,
  • Miniature Auzzies, and
  • Briards.


Herding Committees & Volunteer Experience

CKC Herding Council Representative
CKC Event Officiating Committee
Vice-President, Australian Cattle Dog Club of Canada

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